School readiness refers to a child’s readiness in various aspects:  physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language.  A school readiness assessment is conducted to establish a child’s readiness to meet the demands of formal schooling (Grade One).  

 What does a school readiness assessment entail?

  • Parents and teachers are required to complete questionnaires and behavior checklists.  This provides an overall picture of the child’s functioning at in various contexts.
  • The child is seen for two hours in which the he/she is engaged in psychometric tests and other assessment instruments.  An important part of this assessment is my observations during the assessment.
  • A week following the assessment, a one hour feedback meeting is scheduled with parents (and in some cases the school).  During this meeting assessment results and recommendations are discussed.  Parents also receive a summary report with findings and recommendations.
  • Assessment report with findings and recommendations is sent to schools and relevant professionals with the parent's consent. 

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