Psycho-educational assessments are often recommended by teachers or other professionals working with children, due to concerns about the child’s ability to keep up with academic demands of his/her grade. 

Reasons a child may struggle at school:

  • developmental delays
  • attention difficulty
  • a specific learning difficulty
  • social-emotional factors
  • a language barrier etc.  
  • physical barriers such as poor hearing or vision

 The goal of a psycho-educational assessment is to:

1.        obtain a clear picture of the nature of learning, behaviour, social or emotional difficulties

2.     establish learning strengths and weaknessess

3.       recommend effective intervention to support the learner in reaching his/her potential and have a positive experience of learning.

 What does a psycho-educational assessment entail/  A two to three hour assessment in which the following aspects are evaluated through psychometric tests and       observation:

ü  reasoning abilities

ücognitive strengths and weaknesses

ü  underlying psychological processes (e.g., memory, attention, processing, executive functioning, processing speed),

ü  academic achievement (e.g., reading, writing, math, oral language),

ü  behavior and social-emotional functioning

  • Parents, teachers and relevant care givers are asked to complete questionnaires/behavior checklists to gain insight into the child’s functioning in various contexts.
  • One hour feedback meeting where results and recommendations for support and intervention are discusses with parents. Parents are provided with a report in which results are summarized. 

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